How to get the new gnucash 1.9.8 to work with Chase exports

From the QIF file is supposed to start with a header that identifies the type of account. This needs to be added to the Chase exports or they will not import correctly into gnucash.

Required File Formatting

Each transaction must end with a symbol, indicating the end of entry. Each item in the transaction must display on a separate line. When Quicken exports an account register or list, it adds a line to the top of the file that identifies the type of account or list. Listed below are the header lines Quicken adds to the exported files:

Header Type of data
!Type:Bank Bank account transactions
!Type:Cash Cash account transactions
!Type:CCard Credit card account transactions
!Type:Invst Investment account transactions
!Type:Oth A Asset account transactions
!Type:Oth L Liability account transactions
!Account Account list or which account follows
!Type:Cat Category list
!Type:Class Class list
!Type:Memorized Memorized transaction list

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