Toying with the New Gnucash Release Candidate

Here’s a responce to a comment I got.

Screenshot-gnucase2 - Unspecified.pngScreenshot-gnucase2 - Register.pngScreenshot-gnucase2 - Gas.pngScreenshot-gnucase2 - Expense Accounts.png

The GNUCash release candidate 1.9.8 is really, really nice. So far, Ive imported all of my accounts into it and started to categorize them.

The browser-like interface makes it easy to move back and forth between different accounts and registers. It started to remind me of Firefox tabs so much that I would look in the upper right for a tab close button. When a tab is closed, the focus oddly goes to the first tab. I would like to see that modified.

GNUCash has the ability to add customers and vendors. It could easily be used for a buisness that needed some accounting software and only had Linux machines at their disposal.

The general ledger is quite similar to what I remember about Quicken. The fileds that can autocomplete do so. A little trick that I found out is that if you are sick of typing Income and Expense and then the category, you may type a ‘E’ followed by a colon to autocomplete the word Expense.

The reports aren’t really that intuitive until you figure out that there is a configure button in the toolbar. The report will complete with the last configuration settings automatically. It is up to the user to modify the settings and then run the report again.

I have found the release to be stable and have not experianced any crashes. Compiling the app was a little tricky on my FC5 Turion 64 machine. I had both the 32 and 64 bit versions of guile installed. Removing the 32bit version resulted in the app compiling correctly.
GNUCash accomplishes exactly what I need it to. It tells me where my money is going and where my income is comming from. It is the best finance manager I’ve personally used under Linux. I highly recommend it over all the other GTK2 finance applications that are currently available. No, I haven’t used the QT ones 🙂 .
I’m really excited about the upcomming release. The Linux community will finally have a great piece of accounting software…GNUCash

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