Not a bad day

Few cool things happened.

1st ebay refunded my listing fees on the auctions that were bought by frauds.

This was great.  I explained to and ebay rep via email that I shouldn’t have to pay for the listing when the result was a scam attempt.  This happened to me 7 times while trying to sell a laptop.  They refunded me without a lot of effort.  I like ebay again :).

2nd Diggnation domain name contest

I submitted to diggnation for the “domain of the week” contest.  I wrote them an email that will hopefully get them to promote netfest if I win.  The netfest may be on its way to world domination. I will probably wet myself if I win.

I still can’t beat vortex 0 on  I keep getting distracted an work on other things.  Once I finally get it, I’ll have to do a netfest presentation on it. is an awsome way to learn a deep knowledge of what’s going on on a system.  I highly recommend it.

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