Do I like the wireless or not?

I’ve been annoyed by one thing on my new laptop. Heat. I decided that this needed to be remedied yesterday. There is an issue with most HP laptops that force the user to buy one of their wireless cards. This is rather stinky since the broadcom in the laptop runs at about 145 degrees. The placement of it is directly below the touchpad. My fingers hurt after prolonged use of the touchpad. I think they are getting burnt a little.

HP charges about twice the going rate for the same card that a consumer can buy. The only difference is a few numbers in the eeprom of the card. It is documented all over the place on how to set the eeprom via the ethtool command. Unfortunately this doesn’t look like it is going to work for me. The values look like they are changing, but the modifications reset after a reboot. I’m starting to thing that there is a backup eeprom somewhere that I need to set too.

I’d rather be running my intel 2915 card. It sucks that HP ties people into buying their cards.

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