The Xantrex XPower 400

I recently purchased the Xantrex Xpower 400 from BestBuy for around $125. The unit is pretty hefty at 32 pounds. It is 18.5 x 4.25 x 10.5“ (47 x 10.8 x 26.7 cm) in size, so it fit nicely behind my desk. It’s not bad looking. The grey color fits in with the dark theme I have in my room.

They don’t kid about the 20 hour charging time. The unit took almost exactly 20 hours to charge up from an out of the box state. During the charging period, I noticed that the fans are quite annoying. I was plesently suprised when they turned off when the unit reached full capacity. Now the thing is practically silent.

The unit displays the battery life left by default. It is currently FUL. It also has the ability to display the power usage (in watts) by pushing the button on top.

It’s really cool that I can tell how much power my computers use now. My desktop uses a whopping 160W. No wonder it didn’t start up correctly all the time and I had to hit the power button a couple of times (a problem that the UPS fixed BTW). My epc 40 router takes about 20W. The D-Link 4300 and my laptop take around 10W.

The only real knock I have on the unit is that there is no external access to the devices status. If I want to know the load of the device, I have to mosey under my desk and hit a button. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend it for server use (Even though the idiot I talked to at Best Buy said it worked great for servers). I highly recommend the device for personal items or for routers; devices that cannot monitor a UPS battery status in the first place. As mentioned before, it also provides cleaner power than the normal outlet.  I like getting infomation on power spikes and dips.  This infomation cannot be gotten from one of these devies either.

With my router, desktop, laptop and flatscreen plugged in I am using 220W. According to what’s on the box, it can linerally run 1W for 460 hours. Going by that, it should run my 220W for 2.1 hours (460/220) or 2 hours 6 minutes. That’s pretty amazing and much more than I actually need.

I mentioned the idiot at Best Buy. I was lied to several times by the person I was talking to. He insisted that since the box said 8 hours of power that it was better than the UPS in the box that said 2 hours of power. When I asked him if the comparison was the same, he didn’t answer. When I asked him what the battery life would be if I plugged in a microwave, he said he didn’t know. He also lied about the sticker price of the item. I should’ve buried him on the spot, but I was nice.

So far so good, I highly recommend this device in non-server situations or in situation where the operator will be at the devices and can shut them off in an emergency or if it doesn’t matter if the device gets the power cut after 2 hours.

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