Yahoo and pop access

Since I dropped sbc’s Internet service, they shut down my pop access to my yahoo account. This was expected. I decided to pony up the $19.95 to get access for a year. Here’s the server setup.

Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): using SMTP port 587

I also want to quit my email account completely. Between the ads and the spam, they just suck. Yahoo mail is a much better option. I purchased one month of POP3 access from for $4.95. This should be enough time for me to close out the account.

Account Name : []
Incoming Mail Server: []
Outgoing Mail Server: []

I am posting these addresses because they are very hard to find on the vendor’s pages. They want you to visit their sites so that you can be attacked by thier ads. This is especially true of the worst webmail on the planet,

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