August 2006

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After not getting a good QB in the of season yet again, the Lions will fail to pull off a winning season this year.

Whoever wasted the 1st round picks on crappy WRs should be fired.

Detroit’s only touchdown the past two games came on a 15-yard drive after a turnover in last week’s 20-16 loss to Cleveland.


I still get kinda giddy about “embedded” devices ther’s two in particular that I found today.

Mvix (MV-5000U) Media Center w/FM

This would be great in my car. This combined with a minitv would be the ultimate. At $250 it’s not priced too bad. It still doesn’t play zsnes though :(. It’s focus is media and that’s it. Plays ogg music wich is a definite plus. This might be something that I could take to work and put on shuffle :). It has an LCD display as well. This makes it usable without a TV for just playing music.
LInkGear Series 100

I’m looking at this to possibly replace my current IPCop firewall box. It’s $250, which is my upper limit on spending for the project. Where this product really shines is in expandability. It provides USB 2.0 ports AND 2 minipci ports. It could be configured with wireless pretty easily. The power consumption is only 2W! Really cool device.

Neither of these devices would be possible without Linux.

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That’s right. After 5 years of buying AMD products, I’m going intel. Most people would shudder right now. Especially those who are in the same business as I am. Why would I make such a choice.
First off, Intel’s core2 processors are better than anything that AMD has at the moment. The benchmarks are scattered throughout the internet and all of them say the same thing. No, I don’t need 4 cores. The extra power for another 2 cores to sit there isn’t worth it to me right now. I don’t feel like waiting another year to get them either.

Secondly, and more importantly to me, Intel is much more friendly to open source fans. I have had little luck as of late with getting AMD-ATI products running correctly on my Linux boxes. Intel, on the other hand, makes all sorts of components that work great with Linux. Intel’s wireless cards offer some of the best drivers available. Intel did the same thing with their video cards as well. They have been playing great with the open source community. I feel the need to thank them with my wallet, and I will.

I’ve already purchased 3 wireless cards from Intel. It looks like my next mobo and CPU will be from them as well. If they continue on the route they are going, I will continue to go along with them.
Let this be a lesson to other hardware vendors. Make a good product, open your drivers, and they will attract the hard-core people that make the tech trends. Thanks to Intel, I have the choice to run the operating system that I am most productive in without having to worry about binary blob system issues.


I got to use a couple of my favorite utilities yesterday.  The first is the system rescue cd.  They finally updated the buger a couple of months ago.  It is now just about the best rescue cd in existance.  The second utility is dd.  I combined these two utilites to make a copy of the original laptop hard drive to one that I had connected via usb.  dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sda .  The copy took a while, but my system booted without issues on the new hard drive.  Sweet.

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