Interesting devices

I still get kinda giddy about “embedded” devices ther’s two in particular that I found today.

Mvix (MV-5000U) Media Center w/FM

This would be great in my car. This combined with a minitv would be the ultimate. At $250 it’s not priced too bad. It still doesn’t play zsnes though :(. It’s focus is media and that’s it. Plays ogg music wich is a definite plus. This might be something that I could take to work and put on shuffle :). It has an LCD display as well. This makes it usable without a TV for just playing music.
LInkGear Series 100

I’m looking at this to possibly replace my current IPCop firewall box. It’s $250, which is my upper limit on spending for the project. Where this product really shines is in expandability. It provides USB 2.0 ports AND 2 minipci ports. It could be configured with wireless pretty easily. The power consumption is only 2W! Really cool device.

Neither of these devices would be possible without Linux.

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