More mac madness

Few more things I noticed about the mac mini.  First off, if it has to kick its fan into high gear, the thing gets loud.  At that point it is loud enough for me to want it away from my living room.  Luckily, it runs at idle for most of the time.

SSh file transfers were going quite quickly, but nfs is slow.  I somewhat fixed this by changing the rsize to 1024 in the mount options.  The same holds true for smb.  This computer does not stream media as well as my Linux setup did.  I never had jittery playback under Linux and Xine, with the Mac, playback is almost impossible over a network.  With the rsize at 1024 and using VLC it’s not terrible, but still not quite right.

I still dig aqua.  The drop-shadow effect helps improve the feel of the desktop. I also like the way macs install software.  The entire software package is one file.  Really simple concept.  I prefer this on desktop machines where users are allowed to install packages, but think that enterprise machines need something like rpm.

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