GIGABYTE GA-965P-DQ6 High piched noise squeaking

I am writing this as a conclusion for those who search for this because there motherboard does the same thing.  There appears to be a design flaw in this motherboard that causes a high pitched squeal when the memory is volted to 2.2v.  In there bois, it is listed as being overvolted by .4v.  The problem wasn’t the motherboard being too tight as I had thought.  I wasted much time trying different settings on the board.  I even had the board out of the case and holding it to verify it wasn’t shorting out on anything.  After 2 RMA’d boards, I gave up. Bottom line, don’t use this board with 2.2V memory unless you are deaf to high frequency sounds.   I bought the Abit AW9D-MAX 975X instead and have had no problems.   Please leave a comment if this post helps or if you have had a similar issue.

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