The Macbook: 1 Fatal Flaw

I’ve been working with an Intel core duo based laptop for the last couple of days. It’s 99% great. The intel based graphics run AIGLX wonderfully. The style and build are awesome, it’s supprisingly quiet. So what’s wrong then???? One word heat. It is just not possible to set it on your lap for more than 10 minutes without that fun burning sensation in your legs. Bottom line: just can’t buy it.

Just fixed my spacebar 🙂 allow me to elaborate now.

Things I like alot:

  • Slot-loading cd
  • Eject for the cd is on the keyboard
  • The keyboard is great
  • The touchpad is big and doesn’t have the scroll on the right side that is only nice for right-handed people.  They instead promot two-finger scrolling in their OS which is _much_ nicer.
  • The shell is sturdy
  • The intel video and atheros wifi are great with linux
  • Overall style is awesome
  • Use of magnets with the power cord and case latch
  • No dopey button on the case to sence when it’s closed

Things I like:

  • Battery life is good, not great
  • Bootcamp worked well

Only thing I didn’t like:

  • Heat

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