December 2006

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Article Done

I finished off the Linux + DVD article.  It will be in the April edition of the magazine.  Their web site is


The easiest way to refute someone else’s point is to say that they are bias and therefore, their point is screwed and moot. It’s a variation of the poisoning the well fallacy. I was actually labeled a mac fanboy today and it really made me think about what I posted. It’s very difficult to stay in the middle ground. What I mean by middle ground is by stating a fact or opinion in a way that makes you seem balanced. This is a must.

I think of myself agnostic when it comes to technology. I do my best to be balanced. Using the best tool for the job is half the battle. Achieving the task is the other half. I like to think that I excel at both.


I really like watching football. I really don’t like to watch comercials. The amount of comercials during a football game is hideous. I decided to watch the BCS selection show that is after the game today on FOX. That stupid thing is worse. They throw out the “who is going to play in the national championship game” teaser and then put us through 40 minutes where only 5 games are revield. These games come complete with in-game-name advertising too. There is an ad after every game is revieled. So far, there’s been an equal amount of advertising time and content time. Advertising is killing football.