Router Redesign

I just received my WRT350N wireless router.  This has some pronounced benefits over my old computer IPCop router.  The main one being speed.

I think about equipment differently nowadays.  When I look at the web administration page, I see what cannot be done.  Why can’t this device support VPN?  Why can it support VLANs?  There is no reason.  The hardware can do anything it is programed to do.  Soon, there will be a stable ddwrt port to the device.  I don’t think I will be able to resist unlocking the device’s true power.

I got pretty good service from, however, the story began almost a month ago when I order the router from    I have gotten the worst customer service ever from pagecomputers and will never shop there again.  The first notification that the device was on backorder came two weeks after the order was placed.  At that time, the price of the router dropped from the time I had purchased it.  I asked for the price to be lowered to match what was on the web site and got no response.  A week after that, I asked for the order to be canceled because I purchased it from securemart.  After 3 days of no response, I received an email telling me that the item was on backorder.  _really_?  Don’t advertise things that aren’t in stock and improve your customer service.  You just lost a customer.

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