February 2009

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This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  I finally found put the time to it and found a really good tutorial.  For people wanting to do the same, check out http://www.neuhalfen.name/drupal/node/3.


Weekend Hacking

This weekend was a busy one.

* Created a gentoo chroot on my server that shares compiling duties with my desktop using distcc.
* Recovered /etc on my server after antecedently deleting it.  This involved recovering the iptables, nfs exports, and fstab after loading an old backup.
* Fixed a nasty cups-pdf issue on my desktop where the /var/tmp directory had the wrong permissions and the logs were of no help.
* Rebuilt the arcade using Debian Lenny and SDLMAME 128u3.
* Cleared up a bunch of spam comments on this blog and implemented re-captcha.
* Switched the web xen instance to using the pygrub bootloader instead of specifying a kernel and initrd on the host OS .
* Finally beat Civ 4 on the Noble difficulty level.

I really need to elaborate on these things as there is quite a bit of knowledge associated with these tasks that is scattered throughout the Internet.  Of course, that’s was wikux was for….

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