June 2009

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The Palm Pre came out recently, and I had to get one.  Or two, depending on if you count the returned ones.

It took 5 hours and 8 visits to 3 different Sprint stores to come up with nothing.

The Pre has a lot of things going for it.  WebOS is excellent.  I never had an issue with the OS.  The problems that I had were to do with the hardware.  In particular, the screen.  Watching NFL Network on the phone was awesome.  The GPS and youtube apps were good too.

The first Pre had the discoloration issue that is discusses in length in other places on the internet.  Do a search for Palm Pre Discoloration and you will see what I mean.  The second Pre had a black spec in the middle of the screen.

The picture below shows it.  It is above the ‘C’ in the text “Premium Channels”.  Also, the lower screen discoloration issue is clearly visable.


Two tries, and two defective phones.  The rep at Sprint would not replace the second one, as they have a one return policy.

Speaking of Sprint.  I don’t think I’ve ever had representatives mislead me so much about anything like this before.  I was told various things such as:  “You have to have a repair center declare the phone defective before you can return the phone.”  “You can’t return the phone except at the store you purchased it from.”  “You can’t exchange the phone at this Sprint store.”  “We can’t put you on our list of people who want a Pre.”  “We won’t have another Pre in stock for 2 to 3 months.”

I may have well have been handing them radioactive material for the responses they were giving me.  The way that Sprint is handling this realease is unkind at best.  Please be aware of that if you decide to purchase this phone.

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