November 2010

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Six months since the last post to this blog.  What a half-year it has been.   After getting a few emails from friends about how life is going, I thought it best to summaries the top   Here’s the top 5 things I’ve been up to that have nothing to do with technology.


My best 5k time this year was in the low 21 minute range.  My first 5k time was in the upper 24 minute range.

Running has been a great way to provide relaxation and competition at the same time.  Everyone is in the same boat when you are running.   The road provides the opposition and everyone has to overcome it.

Thanks to the amount of running I’ve been doing, I’m as healthy as ever.  Running has been good to me,  I’m optimistic that this will be something that will stay part of my life for a while.


The amount of fun in moving is inversely proportional to the amount of things you have.   Thankfully, we run things lean and try to keep as few non-essentials around as possible.

The new house is twice as big as any place any other place I’ve owned or rented.   The neighbors are further than a wall away, and it’s great to see families working around on the sidewalk.  We estimated 250 trick-or-treaters this year.

Mowing My Lawn

Home ownership and buying comes with some additional cost.  This is especially true when the rooms in the house comes in shades of pink and red and have words written in the paint.  We are two recarpeted rooms away from getting rid of some unpleasant odor.

Of course, Cat 6 cable has been run throughout the house, and we are still working on some various odds and ends to make this place the way we like it.


It runs in the genes.  Riding in the country is great.  Getting lost and attempting to avoid gravel roads is great weekend fun.   This was the first time I got to ride with my Dad and Brother.  This leads me to…

Spending Time With Family

Lots of time to make up in this regard.  It’s going to take a while to catch up.   🙂