December 2011

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The Sub-20 Minute 5K

A year and a half of running. Wow! I honestly didn’t think that I would stick with it that long.

The lead up to this was a lengthy one. It took a year of tough running to take a minute and a half off of my 5k time. The actual race was on October 29, 2011. I was running a distance run on the weekends and doing track work once a week. Most weeks, I ran for 5 out of the 7 days.

The track workouts were varied and always challenging. Most of them were just checking if I was ready to meet this goal. There were a few runs of three sets of one mile in an interval. When those finally got to around 19:15, I knew the goal was in reach.

The last set of track work I did was the Wednesday before the race. One mile as fast as possible. That mile took me 5:42.

There are always faster people than me. In this race, I finished 17th. That’s really good. There were 826 finishers in the race.

The biggest con that comes up is that you can’t do it forever. Runners get injured fairly frequently. To avoid this, I’m taking a break from running. 🙂 All goals were met this year. Running is a great activity to clear out your mind and get in shape, but everything has its time.

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