How to Go Fast On Go Karts

Go Karts are one of the greatest Summer activities in existence.  Over the course of my lifetime, I have developed some simple tips for getting the most speed out of your Go Karting experience.  If you are as ridiculously competitive as I am, they may be therapeutic.

Tip #1: Find the Fast Kart

Not all go karts are created equally.  It is almost always the case that there exists a kart that is faster then the rest.  If you are waiting in line, observe the karts on the track.  Try to figure out who is fast because they are a good driver and who is fast because the kart is a winner.

Tip #2: Hug the Inside of the Track

The vast majority of all passing will occur on the inside.  It is often forgotten (especially be people without driver’s licenses) that the shortest distance through the track will always be the inside line.  Even when there are four possible lanes of width out there, hug the inside.

It also is worth mentioning that if someone has a faster kart then you, they will have a tough time of passing if you are on the inside.   Passing on the outside is really a hassle and can lead to losing a position.

Tip #3: Everything Else is Momentum

The acceleration of a kart isn’t the greatest.  It is crucial to be traveling as fast as possible whenever possible.  Although sliding the back tires around a corner may look cool, it causes a loss in momentum.  Try to keep all four tires from losing their grip.  Do this even if it is a slight violation of Tip #2.

Never hit anything that is slower than you.  It will naturally try to bring you down to its speed.  This includes everything.  Do not hit other karts, guard rails, or the person who is running on the track who is asking for it.

Tip #4: Enjoy the Ride

This one is the most important of all.  If you are not having fun, it doesn’t matter how fast you are, because you won’t notice anyway.

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