June 2013

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Even though the posts on this blog are few, the amount of effort that I am putting into my own growth is significant.  This is especially true in the are of leadership.   There have been some exceptional opportunities that have presented themselves in this front.

The one that I am the most proud of is the certificate from Western Michigan Universities’ Academic Leadership Academy.  This one is special because it was so out of the blue.  I didn’t know about the existence of the Academy until two weeks before the application was due.  After the application, there was no guarantee that I would be chosen for the cohort.  They did choose me.

The people in the Academy were wonderful to be around.  We met in person once a week.  By the end of the time we spent together, we had become quite used to each other.  There were different topics and different speakers every meeting.  Exceptional people with exceptional topics leads to exceptional growth.  It was a spectacular time getting to know other people in the University who aspire to lead effectively.

But does it matter?  This is one of the biggest questions that has been going through my mind.  If I didn’t blog about this, would anyone know or would they care?   Here are three reasons why this should matter to me and others:

  1. It showed intent.  No one has to wonder where I want to be in my career.  I want to lead and grow others.  It is where my investments are and my desire is.
  2. It showed commitment.  In all of the weeks we met (around 20), I missed one (for personal reasons).   The meetings were over my lunch hour so the loss of work time was minimal.
  3. It changed the perspective.  My cubicle looks different then it used to.  There are no running medals and no technical certificates.  Pictures of my family and inspirational quotes are in their place.  It is no longer about what I have done, but what I will inspire others to do.