What To Look for in a Tablet: Part 1 Hardware

There are a lot of choices when buying a tablet.  Manufactures are pumping them out in all different shapes and sizes.  Are you going to buy a tablet that you later regret?  Read on and I will guide you through a few considerations to help you on your journey.

1. Screen

The screen of a tablet is important for a number of reasons.  Like laptops, a smaller screen means more portability and better battery life.  A larger screen means that you can actually read what is on the screen.  Make sure you are comfortable with the way the screen looks.  It is something that you cannot change after purchase.

One more thing of note, a screen with a lot of pixels on it (aka. HD, Retina)  will have to have the video card in the device to push that screen.  In human terms it means the better screen is an indication that the other parts of the table are high quality.

2. Speakers

This is a huge problem with current generation tablets.  If you want to watch a movie in comfort, you hold the screen in landscape format (like a TV).   The problem with this is that most tablets will only have sound coming out of one side of the screen.  This is the case, even when they advertise stereo sound.  Tablet makers expect you to use earphones and neglect the speakers.  This is true even in the more expensive versions.  Don’t be caught off guard by this.

3. Outputs and Inputs (HDMI and Expandable Memory)

Do you want to plug your new Nook tablet into the television?  You can’t!  Not without an adaptor that sticks out about an inch and will cost you some money. HDMI out is not an option, it is a necessity for most people.

One way tablet makers (like Google) try to push their cloud storage subscriptions (and raise profits) is by not providing expansion through memory cards.  Make sure you know how much storage you need.  Again, don’t get caught by this scheme.

As always, do your research.  Reading this post is a good start.  If you have any questions, please ask.  Happy buying!

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