What To Look for in a Tablet: Part 2 Application Stores

It is a little known secret that a tablet without applications is like a television with no channels.  It really doesn’t serve a purpose.  This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way.  Don’t make the same errors I did.  Know which application store comes with your android tablet.

The most common application store for android tables is the Google Play Store.  If your tablet comes with this installed, you are all set.  Unfortunately, a lot of tablets do not include the Google Play Store.  This occurs for various reasons.  It also leaves the tablet at a huge disadvantage.  This was the case on my first and second tablet purchases.

Thankfully, there are other application stores out there.  The first that I would recommend is Amazon’s app store.  Just browse to http://amazon.com/getappstore and install.  Amazon is great for their free app of the day.  A paid application for free every day.  Sometimes, this is a really useful application and other days, well, it’s essentially a scam.  Be sure to read the reviews before installing.  Amazon is also well known for the restrictions they put on running the applications.  If you are not logged into Amazon, the application may not run.

Another application store that I use is http://1mobile.com/ .  1Mobile is great if you need the Google Applications such as the Maps and Music applications, but do not have the Google Play store.  I have used it to install Google’s Music player on my MID7042 tablet and it works well.  They have tons of applications in their store.  If it is in Google’s Play Store, it most likely will also be in the 1mobile market.  The only reason I have the Amazon store listed first is that I trust them more.  A great tutorial on installing the 1mobile market can be found here.

Your tablet is naked without applications.  Use one of the following application stores and you will be up and productive even if your tablet didn’t come preloaded with a sufficient application store.

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