What To Look for in a Tablet: Part 3 Vendors

Why on earth is the vendor of a table to crucial?  That is a great question.  One that I hope to shed some light on in this post.

The vendor determines which features your tablet will include.  If the vendor provides storage in the cloud, they are more likely to not include a slot to put an additional storage device in.  If they have their own application store, they are more likely to include it and act like a competitor’s application store simply doesn’t exist.

Vendors are crucially important.  When they stop supporting a device, you must depend on someone else to provide updates, or throw the device away.

Tablet makers vary greatly in how long they provide support and what type of support is provided.  The cheapest tablet I have purchased had zero updates.  That is not a typo.  What you bought was what you bought and it was never updated.  This was worse then expected.  However, it makes a statement about what the vendor thought about the device; to them, it was disposable.

I am convinced that vendor support is directly related to a companies’ business model.  I have purchase a table from a vendor whose only way of making money was by selling hardware.  They don’t make money off of music, video, or application sales.  What do they care their device brakes?  A company like Amazon or Apple is more likely to give you support simply because they want to maximize their profit earning opportunities.

To wrap this over-thinking post up in a sentence: “Be sure to trust the vendor you purchase from”.  Read about their reputation for providing support.  Don’t be surprised that they leave out features.  All vendors I have come across do.

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