August 2013

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Not much to this post.  I stuck with the MSI card because it stressed quietness and coolness.  Some people have found out that the MSI card is too big for their case.  It isn’t really that much bigger than the EVGA card.

  1.  The first thing that I learned is that I cannot run 200 miles by myself.   It took a team to do so.
  2. Not everyone has to run to benefit the relay team.  The importance of a driver who know where they are going cannot be understated.  If there is no one at the relay hand off point, it creates a bevy of problems. 
  3. There is not as much support as in other races.  When a runner is out there, it is up to the team to provide water.  Our driver was knowledgeable enough where he would meet us at a midway point in the run and have a water ready.
  4. Those squirt bottles that strap to your hand; they are awesome!
  5. I brought about a gallon of water and some weight gainer protein along.  It worked well for long van rides when I needed some calories.
  6. Practice running at night before the race.  Bouncing lighting is distracting.  Poor lighting will make you step on or run into something.
  7. Know the timing of the race.  Know when your breaks are.
  8. Sleep whenever possible.  Note that getting eight hours may not be an option.
  9. Teams are on different schedules.  You may want to grab a tent and sleep away from everyone else just to get some peace and quiet.
  10. Do it!  It is a battle that is like no run I’ve ever been in.  The people running the race with you are the ones who cheer you on later (and you will cheer them on as well).  It really puts the focus not on the competition, but on the feat itself.  Since the feat itself is so great, one can only appreciate the contributions of all of those involved.