November 2013

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Ah yes, time to get back to technology.  Today, I will try to persuade you to only buy a Chromebook if you are in a very select group of individuals.  This group is smaller than I had thought before.  In fact, I would say that the OS on these devices are crippled.

A Chromebook will work if you use all Google products and that is all you would like to use.  All others should look elsewhere.  Yes, there is a convenience factor as well.  The niceties fade quickly though.

My first though was that the device would make a good media player.  It is a good media player — if and only if you only watch videos from the Internet.  If you have your own media files you would like to play, they may or may not work.  The only video player you get is the one provided with the device.  It is limited in its capabilities.  It would play some of my home movies with video and no audio.

One of the biggest disappointments with Chrome OS is that it is strictly an Internet OS.  Note that it is not an Intranet OS.  You cannot share files through common methods with computers on your local network.  Please keep that in mind.  It is one of the biggest differentiators between Chrome OS and a typical OS.  For me, it is a deal-breaker.

The other flaw of the device is hardware related.  There should not be a fan in any Chromebook.  We are used to not expecting fans in these cheap devices.  We have the expectation of silence.  Some Chromebooks deliver on this, others don’t.

Chromebooks are cheap and provide good hardware for the money.  At the end of the day, it comes down to the question, “Can I be productive with this device?”.  My recommendation would be to go with a device based on Android instead.  An Android device is far more capable and will, most likely, enable you to be more productive.

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TapouT XT — Fin

It is time to wrap this series up.   A good way to do so is to list out the workouts and give a brief description of them.

  • Cross Core Combat — Fun.  It does a good job of working the core.  I like the mix up of exercises from burpees, to knee strikes, to general ab moves.
  • Competition Core — Similar to Cross Core Combat in its goals.  Again, it is fun.  These workouts mix things up and are entertaining.
  • Yoga XT — Probably, my least favorite.  Lots of plank.  It is a good stretching workout for before a run.  That doesn’t mean that it is fun to sit in plank for that long.
  • Plyo XT — The toughest and longest workout.  It is a leg burner.  I like it because it is a challenge and you are sweating (unlike Yoga XT).
  • Strength and Force Upper — How much you like bands for strength training will determine how much you like this workout.  For me, weights would’ve made this much better.
  • Ripped Conditioning — As Competition Core is to Cross Core Combat, so is Ripped Conditioning to Strength and Force Upper.  It keeps things fresh and interesting.
  • Power Strike & 5 minute Knockout — Never did these.  They are not in the 90-day schedule.  Short workouts probably created to boost the infomercial (yes, that is an opinion:)).
  • Strike Training — Wish I would’ve watched this first.  It is an instructional video on how to do some of the moves.
  • Sprawl and Brawl — One of my favorites.  This workout is great with weighted gloves on.  Lots of kicks and punches and burpees.
  • Buns and Guns XT — Uses the leg bands.  I do like the exercises they do.  It worked out areas of my body that are commonly ignored.
  • Legs and Back — Another workout with leg bands.  I feel the same way about it as I do Buns and Guns XT.
  • Muay Thai — Punches and kicks.  Wear your gloves.  This is one of my favorites.  It is the easiest of the workouts.
  • Cardio XT — Didn’t like this workout at first.  Grew to like it at the end.  You will sweat; if you do it at a high level of intensity.  It seems like this was filmed as an afterthought.  It is filmed in a different location than the other workouts.
  • Ultimate ABS XT — Ah yes, the ab workout.  It’s just ok.  The ab workout from P90X is more effective.  It is the right length for an ab workout.  It just doesn’t have the intensity.

That’s a wrap.  If you are considering this workout, please ask me any questions you may have.  My overall view of this workout program is highly positive.  It is a great program for someone looking get someone in the habit of fitness.