TapouT XT — Fin

It is time to wrap this series up.   A good way to do so is to list out the workouts and give a brief description of them.

  • Cross Core Combat — Fun.  It does a good job of working the core.  I like the mix up of exercises from burpees, to knee strikes, to general ab moves.
  • Competition Core — Similar to Cross Core Combat in its goals.  Again, it is fun.  These workouts mix things up and are entertaining.
  • Yoga XT — Probably, my least favorite.  Lots of plank.  It is a good stretching workout for before a run.  That doesn’t mean that it is fun to sit in plank for that long.
  • Plyo XT — The toughest and longest workout.  It is a leg burner.  I like it because it is a challenge and you are sweating (unlike Yoga XT).
  • Strength and Force Upper — How much you like bands for strength training will determine how much you like this workout.  For me, weights would’ve made this much better.
  • Ripped Conditioning — As Competition Core is to Cross Core Combat, so is Ripped Conditioning to Strength and Force Upper.  It keeps things fresh and interesting.
  • Power Strike & 5 minute Knockout — Never did these.  They are not in the 90-day schedule.  Short workouts probably created to boost the infomercial (yes, that is an opinion:)).
  • Strike Training — Wish I would’ve watched this first.  It is an instructional video on how to do some of the moves.
  • Sprawl and Brawl — One of my favorites.  This workout is great with weighted gloves on.  Lots of kicks and punches and burpees.
  • Buns and Guns XT — Uses the leg bands.  I do like the exercises they do.  It worked out areas of my body that are commonly ignored.
  • Legs and Back — Another workout with leg bands.  I feel the same way about it as I do Buns and Guns XT.
  • Muay Thai — Punches and kicks.  Wear your gloves.  This is one of my favorites.  It is the easiest of the workouts.
  • Cardio XT — Didn’t like this workout at first.  Grew to like it at the end.  You will sweat; if you do it at a high level of intensity.  It seems like this was filmed as an afterthought.  It is filmed in a different location than the other workouts.
  • Ultimate ABS XT — Ah yes, the ab workout.  It’s just ok.  The ab workout from P90X is more effective.  It is the right length for an ab workout.  It just doesn’t have the intensity.

That’s a wrap.  If you are considering this workout, please ask me any questions you may have.  My overall view of this workout program is highly positive.  It is a great program for someone looking get someone in the habit of fitness.

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