Another Thing Every Toastmasters Club President Must Do

If you followed my last post, you are now keeping track of your member’s achievements.  That’s great!  It is a primary task in order to reach the distinguished club goal.  The story doesn’t end there.  There is another thing that I see as being a huge factor in the success of a club.  The club President must be invested in the success of club and its members.

That statement means a lot of things.  For me, this comes across in a few ways:

  • Follow-up is easy

Asking someone to come back to the club after they have missed a couple of meetings is only a chore if you do not want them there.  There is not a single member of the club that I do not want at every single meeting.  Each of them adds something that is missing if they are not in attendance.

  • Appreciation is honest

What is better for the entire club than the success of its members?  By appreciating every award, every first step of an individual member, the entire club benefits.  There is no way to earn distinguished status with only a few people.  Every little bit helps and is appreciated.

  • The President must be the example

If the club President is not present, who are they to offer suggestions?  Attendance is a must for any club President and it nearly goes without saying.

It is also best if the President is someone who is actively working towards a speaking and leadership goal.  It is a double standard to request that others give speeches and then watch the club President sit on the sidelines week after week.

It is just about time for nominations in your Toastmasters club.  If you are invested in the club, run for an officer role.  If you don’t have the experience, don’t worry.  Toastmasters attracts high-achieving people who desire to help others.  You don’t have to do it alone.


About Toastmasters International
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