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I just got my server upgraded to Centos 5. CentOS 5 is the best operating system I’ve ever used. However, there are some not so fun issues with it. Specifically, if you want to transfer a xen domain from a previous version. Here’s what you need to know.

Redhat and CentOS do not include the xennet and xenblk drivers in initrd. This means that you will never be able to mount the root device. To fix this, make a new initrd with the command: mkinitrd /boot/initrd-xen-img –with=xennet –preload=xenblk . Make sure to add that file in the ramdisk option of the xen config.

The next trick is a doozy. The console device is no longer /dev/tty0 but is now /dev/console. I had to edit the /etc/inittab files on all of my vm’s to spawn a getty on /dev/console. This is the issue if everything looks good, but the machine won’t display a login. To fix this, either mount the xen disk and do the mods from dom0, or add the line extra = “1” in the cfg file to boot into single user mode and edit the file from there. I see alot of talk about /dev/xvc0 as the console, but haven’t had to use it yet.
Nash-hotplug is a little evil. The process was taking up 100% cpu on my jailtime CentOS 4.4 image. To fix this, I added a killall line to rc.sysinit. I was in rc.sysinit already since udev fails to start now. This isn’t a show stopper since all the needed device nodes were already created. If you need to create the device nodes yourself, try:

cd dev ; /dev/MAKEDEV null zero random urandom console tty pty hda xvd loop

The Debian image faired about the same. I had to fix the console as described above. There was another issue though. An error message with 4gb seg fixup in it kept appearing. The fix for that issue was to move or delete the /lib/tlb directory.

This is too hard for the normal person to figure out. If not for google, I would’ve been down for days.


I’ve been an off and on follower of WWE wrestling. Yes, I know it’s fake. I like to watch the athletic moves that they pull off. My wife bought me tickets for my birthday and we attended the RAW showing on March 26. Here’s a few observations.

They don’t allow cameras into the event. I wanted to take some pictures to remember the event by, but couldn’t. The security guard stated that the event was a production. I thinks it is more of a seen it once seen it a thousand times issue. If they allow pictures to be taken, why come back?

The event really did feel like a production, specifically, a play. The different wrestlers seemed to be part of acts that they played roles in. The audience was simply an audience and didn’t play a role at all in the play.
The wrestlers are big people. The don’t look bigger in real life then they do on television. I came within a couple of feet of the Great Kahli. That guy is big.

The moves the wrestler’s perform are directed towards the camera. I was sitting on the opposite side of the ring. The moves looked much more staged from that angle. Without the camera shake that you get when watching on television, the moves don’t look that painful at all.

I was lucky enough to be on the kiss cam. That’s right, I kissed my wife while on the big screen. I’m looking to see if that part was televised. My climb to fame continues.

It wasn’t a great time, but it was a good birthday present. The audience participation was too low for it to be something I’d be interested in doing again soon.

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Take 3??

The new disk drives came today.  This post is somewhat of a placeholder to make sure that all the posts were copied over.  Soon, the server will be a Xen box with about 5 VM’s.


From the Airport

Yes it’s possible to use internet from an airport by using MAC address spoofing.  You’re reading the proof.  I also proxied the connection through an ssh tunnel.  So l33t.

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I finally put up my last computer (version 4) up on ebay. It had been replaced by the core2 box (version 5). Here’s the listing. Twas a sweet box. The best I’ve ever worked on till I built core2. It’s weird to feel a little bit of attachment to a computer, but I sure spent a lot of time working on the thing. It’s hard to put so much effort into picking out just the right setup and then just ship it off two years later. Such is the nature of technology.
I will have to write a page on the evolution of my desktop systems someday. I wouldn’t like to forget where I’ve come from and accomplished with them.


Article Done

I finished off the Linux + DVD article.  It will be in the April edition of the magazine.  Their web site is


The easiest way to refute someone else’s point is to say that they are bias and therefore, their point is screwed and moot. It’s a variation of the poisoning the well fallacy. I was actually labeled a mac fanboy today and it really made me think about what I posted. It’s very difficult to stay in the middle ground. What I mean by middle ground is by stating a fact or opinion in a way that makes you seem balanced. This is a must.

I think of myself agnostic when it comes to technology. I do my best to be balanced. Using the best tool for the job is half the battle. Achieving the task is the other half. I like to think that I excel at both.


I really like watching football. I really don’t like to watch comercials. The amount of comercials during a football game is hideous. I decided to watch the BCS selection show that is after the game today on FOX. That stupid thing is worse. They throw out the “who is going to play in the national championship game” teaser and then put us through 40 minutes where only 5 games are revield. These games come complete with in-game-name advertising too. There is an ad after every game is revieled. So far, there’s been an equal amount of advertising time and content time. Advertising is killing football.


As is the trend with my server box, a hardware failure brought her down.  On Sunday the ups started to complain that the battery was going bad.  I finally caved in and shut the server down a couple days ago.  It was nice to have a silent room for a while, so I left it off till today.

The last time I had to shut the box down was due to the ‘failure’ of a hard disk.   I was going on about 200 days of uptime before that.  It’s amazing that a server at home can have the uptime that I’ve been getting.  Without really trying, I’m capable of 99.9%.

I’m running CentOS 4 BTW.  Thanks for the great product guys.

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I’ve been working with an Intel core duo based laptop for the last couple of days. It’s 99% great. The intel based graphics run AIGLX wonderfully. The style and build are awesome, it’s supprisingly quiet. So what’s wrong then???? One word heat. It is just not possible to set it on your lap for more than 10 minutes without that fun burning sensation in your legs. Bottom line: just can’t buy it.

Just fixed my spacebar 🙂 allow me to elaborate now.

Things I like alot:

  • Slot-loading cd
  • Eject for the cd is on the keyboard
  • The keyboard is great
  • The touchpad is big and doesn’t have the scroll on the right side that is only nice for right-handed people.  They instead promot two-finger scrolling in their OS which is _much_ nicer.
  • The shell is sturdy
  • The intel video and atheros wifi are great with linux
  • Overall style is awesome
  • Use of magnets with the power cord and case latch
  • No dopey button on the case to sence when it’s closed

Things I like:

  • Battery life is good, not great
  • Bootcamp worked well

Only thing I didn’t like:

  • Heat


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